Megabass 2023 Lucky Box Salt Edition

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The 2023 Megabass Lucky Box:  Megabass has produced a Tackle box with limited edition collectible Megabass lures.

Boxes are packed randomly by Megabass, therefore there are no choice of colors.

The box contains:

  • 1x X-80 SW Lucky Bag Limited Color *1 of 4 colors at random
  • 1x X-80 Magnum Chrome Finished Limited Color *1 of 4 colors at random
  • 1x Kagelou 124F Megabass Traditional Limited Color *1 of 4 colors at random
  • 1x Lunker Lunch Box MB-3043NDDM Blue
  • 1x Megabass Pouch (L)
  • 1x Onimaru *Color/size at random
  • 1x Cutting Sticker 30cm *1 of 4 colours at random

NOTE: *Color cannot be specified. * Due to the limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out. *Returns and exchanges are not possible. *It may look different from the actual color. Please be forewarned.

Quantities are VERY LIMITED

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